Need a new website? Or a redesign?

Websites have become the most powerful way of connecting with your customers and clients online, because they’re looking for your site using Google. They expect to find you online, and if they don’t, they’ll visit your competitor’s website instead.

A great website will welcome and impress your customers when they visit it, it will inform them of what you do and why you do it, and give you a chance to sell your products and services to them. If you do it well enough, they’ll even return to purchase more in future.

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Which type of website do you need?
These are the types we specialise in
Simple brochure website
Brochure website icon

If you’re got a limited budget for your website, a simple website that takes only a few days to design and build will be perfect for your business. We’ll build it using an online site builder like Webflow, and it’ll cost between R5 000 and R15 000.

Professional CMS website
CMS website icon

If you need a cutting-edge website that looks incredible and has advanced features, a CMS website is perfect for your business. The design and development process may take a few weeks, but it’ll be worth it. We’ll build it using a content management system like WordPress or Drupal, and it’ll cost between R15 000 and R50 000.

Ecommerce website
Ecommerce website icon

If you need to sell products through your website, an ecommerce site is what you need. It’ll have product pages, promotion features like coupons, a simple checkout process with online payments, and easy order management. We’ll build it in WooCommerce or Shopify, and it’ll cost between R12 000 and R80 000.

Custom web app
Custom web app icon

If you need something more specialised than a typical website, like a customer portal, or an information dashboard, or a product cost calculator, then a web app is what you need. We design and build web apps using React, Angular or Vue, depending on your needs. These cost between R20 000 and R200 000.

Why should you trust us?
10 years of experience

We've worked on well over 100 websites, and we’re proud to have designed and developed almost all of those ourselves.

We're industry leaders

We regularly share our experience through our Blog (check it out), and we've presented at many industry events.

Our clients love us; ask them

Our clients have said wonderful things about working with us, but if you’re not convinced, go ahead and ask them.

Take a look at our portfolio

We’re so proud of the websites we’ve created for our clients, that we show them off with a screenshot and date of each.

How do we make websites?
Here's the process we follow
Meet, discuss, proposal
Meet icon

We always start off with a meeting where we ask a lot of questions. When we’ve got a good idea of what you need, we write up a Proposal that outlines your options, the timeline, the cost, and how we’ll get started.

Website design
Design icon

We then start the design process with a wireframing workshop, where everyone involved can have a say in how the site will be structured. We then use your branding to create a mockup of what it’ll look like when complete.

Website development
Development icon

Using the designs and all the content you provide us with, we’ll develop the website from scratch using the software that we’ve agreed is best for your needs.

Testing & refinements
Testing icon

After uploading the remaining content (text and images), we’ll make a copy of the site available for you and the team to inspect. We’ll immediately sort out any issues that are discovered.

Launch it
Launch icon

We’ll then make the website live on the chosen hosting platform. That will be your chance to tell your customers, suppliers, friends and family about your amazing new website.

Regular updates
Maintenance icon

To keep the site secure and fresh, we’ll provide you with a monthly maintenance plan. The plan will include regular site backups and updates, and a few reserved hours per month for improvements and additions.

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