Will the website link to our Facebook or Instagram?

When we say a website is "linked to social media" like those two, there are several things we could mean.

Firstly, we could mean that we have little text links or icons or buttons that point to our social media pages, so when you click on one of them, it opens for example your Facebook page in a new tab. We usually put these links links our site's footer (at the bottom of every page) or header (at the top).

Second, we could be talking about "Share this" buttons on our blog posts, products, etc. When some clicks one of these, they are taken to a share screen in the social media site, for them to some context before sharing it to their followers.

Lastly, we could mean that we've embedded social media "streams" (lists of posts) in one of our webpages - usually the Home page. These streams show the latest posts from our social pages, and get updated automatically every time you visit that page. these used to be very common, but have lost their popularity because it's not clear how they help websites, and because their appearance often clashes with the rest of website's design.

So which of these would you like your website to have? Let us know.