Will the website bring us more sales?

This is the single most important question business owners should be asking when they're getting a website built for their business. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult question to answer.

A good way to think about your website is like a physical shop or showroom, on a quiet street with very few passers-by. If you had a shop or showroom like that, how would you get people to visit it? Would you put up signs, handout fliers, or perhaps pay for advertising on a billboard? For each of these, we can ask almost the same question about your website.

Then once you get people to your store (your website), how to you turn them into paying customers? How do you inform them, impress them, and get the to make a purchase, or to take some other kind of action that will lead to a future purchase? Once again, the answers are the same, whether we're talking about a physical store, or your website.

In summary, a website will bring you sales if you get people to visit it, and if you can get them to buy when they do. How the site is built can make a big impact on the second one, but your marketing activities will determine the first one.

If you'd like your website to bring you more sales, give us a call to discuss it.