Will our website show up on google?

When someone is searching for your products or services online, they're going to type something in to Google, and you want your website to show up in the results when they do.

The two factors that Google will consider when someone searches:

The first is "How relevant is your website to what the person is searching for". For example, if you sell chairs and you're based in Cape Town, and someone searches "chairs in Cape Town", then your site will be highly relevant to them. But if they search for "couches in Johannesburg", your products might not be relevant to them, and your city definitely isn't where they're looking, so your relevance is really low.

There isn't really a way to make your website more "relevant" generally, because everyone's searching for something different, but it's important to make sure your website is using the words your customers will use when they're searching.

The second factor is "authority", which is basically Google calculation of how important and valuable your website is. It calculates this based on how many other sites are linking to your site (using links in their text), and how important each one is. So it's like a giant web, and the more your website is in the middle of it, the more important Google will think it is.

The want to improve "authority" is doing something called search engine optimisation (SEO), which we'll cover in much more detail in an entire article.

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