What is a web app?

A web app is just like a website, but it is focussed on providing an function rather than communicating information. Think about web apps like Google - a search engine - Facebook - a social media platform - YouTube - a video platform.

Let's consider an example. Let's say your business sells and installs swimming pools. Let's say you want a traditional website with lots of pretty pictures and information, and you also want to build a webpage where customers can fill in their information, select some options, and a quote is calculated for them. That quote calculator website could either be part of your website, or you could act as a stand-alone web app that your customers could visit.

It's also a great idea to turn a web app into a mobile app that your customers can install on their phones, so they can use that tool anytime and anywhere. But for that, you'll need to find a great app developer - one that can build for android and iOS.

At touchdreams, we built this industry-first Flues Calculator web app for our client Hydrofire.

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