What do you need from me to make the website?

While we often think that the website designers and developers do all the work, and that after a few weeks, they'll deliver a website to us without much involvement from us, that's unfortunately never the case.

First and foremost, the website designer will need lots of input from you and your team when designing the website, to decide things like the purpose and goals of the website, what it should say, how customers will take action, etc.

Then we'll need to work with your team to create the content of the site, which includes all the text and images. Depending on the project budget, we might need your team to provide brief explanations of what they do, the products you sell, how they help customers, some background on the business, and so on.

When the website has been built, it'll also be important for you and your team to test it, to make sure your customers have the great experience you want when using it.

In most cases, you and your team will need to do nearly as much work as the website designers and developers do. That's unavoidable to make a great website that helps grow your business. However, with our experience and expertise, we are able to guide you smoothly through the process.