Should we have an app instead of a website?

Apps and websites usually have quite different uses and purposes. Websites are typically used as part of marketing - to increases the number of customers and sales - while apps are typically used to provide an interactive tool to customers.

The exception to this is an ecommerce business, where you'd like your customers to be able to buy your products from your website or from an app.

If we just think about customers on their phones, the benefit of a website is that they don't need to download and install anything to load and view your website. Apps need to be downloaded but provide a much more fluid and enjoyable experience, and they can sometimes be used offline. But while your customer uses their computer, they're only going to be interested in your website. And they will be able to use your website regardless of which type of device they're using and what software they have on it already.

So to decide if you need to invest in a website or an app, consider if your customers are more likely to search for you using their phone or computer, and if you're important enough to them for them to download and install an app.

If you decide a website is the right choice for your business, give us a call to chat about making it.