Should I copy from my competitors' websites at all?

If you're not the biggest fish in your pond, chances are good that at least one of your competitors has a great website. And just like anything else in life, it's always okay to be inspired by your competitors, and to learn from them, but not simply copy what they have.

A few examples of things you should learn from your competitor's websites include, which pages they have on their site, which sections they have on their home page and other key pages (but don't assume that they've included all the important sections!), how they talk about what they do (their communication style), and any useful features, (a wish list for example), that their websites have.

Your website shouldn't look or feel like any of your competitors websites of course, not just because it's wrong to copy, but also because it's important for your customers to see and learn your particular style and brand. But it's always wise to learn from those who have previous experience.

We always recommend looking at competitors' websites, making notes of what your website can have and how it could "feel" to visitors, then discussing your ideas with your website designer.

If you'd like us to take you through this process please contact us to schedule an appointment with you. We meet with our clients either virtually or in person and agree on an hourly fee upfront.