How long do websites take to make?

These days, it's possible to make an entire website in as little as one hour. But that's only possible if you know which software you're going to use, you know what you want it to to look like and how it should be structured, you won't be adding any interactive features, you aren't going to put loads of products on the site, you already have all the content - text, images, etc. - already prepared, and of course, if you're quite tech-savvy.

In reality, websites for businesses often take multiple weeks or multiple months to make from start to finish. And as you might have guessed, only a portion of that time is actually spent *building* the website, The rest of the time is spent discussing and planning it, designing it, gathering or making the content, testing it when it's built, and then launching it properly.

For example, for a business with 20 employees that sells one type of product or service, a website professional might tell you that the site will take around 6 weeks to make. But the professional will also know that the site could take as little as 3 weeks or as long as 12 weeks depending on how organised your team is and no one hold ups the process or doesn't do what's expected of them in a timely way.

So if you'd like the website to be done quickly, ask your website professional "What do you need from me to be able to make the website quickly? And if I provide that quickly, how long will it then take to make?"