Can we put videos on our website?

Yes of course; it's actually fairly easy to add videos to a website. The simplest way is to create a YouTube (or Vimeo) account for your business, upload the videos to the account, then send links to these videos to your web developer. The web developer will then "embed them" (put them into) your website in the right places.

If you really don't want to use a public video site like YouTube, you might be able to upload your videos to your website directly. While this does mean your videos are kept in the same place as your website, it does come with several downsides such as your video only showing in one resolution (the size or quality of the video), meaning that it'll either be too large for customers using their phones, or too low-quality for customers using their desktop computers.

If you're like to add a video to your website, contact us to show you how.