Can we keep the website clean and simple?

The words "clean" and "simple" come up in nearly every single meeting and workshop when website design is discussed. Everyone wants their website to be both of these. So if everyone wants them, what do they really mean?

If you look at pictures of websites from 20 years ago, when the internet was still new, it's fascinating to see how complicated they often were, with so much small text all competing for your attention. They were designed that way because we didn't know what was really important for websites, so we didn't know what to emphasise, and what to hide or cut.

These days, websites are often much simpler, partly because we now have a much better idea of what's important to show our customers and what isn't, but also because of how often we browse sites on our phones, which require simpler layouts and less text.

So to have a website that's really clean and simple, we need to ask ourselves marketing-related questions like "What do my customers know and expect? What do I want them to do on my site? And what should we emphasise?" With that in mind, work with your designer to prioritise the parts of the site that will best achieve your goals, and hide or cut the rest. Then make sure that what's left is consistent and matches your brand's style.

If you'd you like to have a simple and clean website designed for your business or organisation, get in touch with us to discuss it.