Our Prices

Although we'd love to show you a table of the prices of all the services we offer, the reality is that pricing is a little more complex than that. In this page, we'd like to tell you a little about how we decide how much to charge, and give you examples you can use to estimate how much you might to pay for the website you have in mind. When you're ready, ask us for a free quote!

We're glad you asked! Here are a few things to consider:

  • The value of our work is primarily related to the amount of time we spend working on the project, but also includes any costs we have to pay while working on it.
  • The value of our time is based on the quality of our work, and the experience we have to offer to provide the best result.
  • We always spend time on planning and research, iteration and design, development, and finally optimisation and improvements.
  • We also often spend time work on revisions of drafts, maintenance, managing hosting and migration, setting up analytics, and administration training.
  • We love to meet our clients face-to-face and discuss their project with them, travelling to meet them at their offices when preferred.

Yip, we do, before we begin work on any project. This is important because it provides us with money to begin work, and it shows that our client is committed and won't back out after work has been done. We usually ask for some portion of the total price up to 50% for websites.

Like we said above, we can't provide exact prices because it varies from project to project. However, below are some examples to give you some idea:

Example 1: A Small, Simple Website
  • 5 webpages
  • A custom design and coding (created from scratch, not a template)
  • As much text, and as many pictures / videos as desired
  • 'Find us' Google map on Contact page

R 9 500

Example 2: A Small CMS Website
  • 12 webpages to start with, unlimited total webpages
  • Built on a powerful world-class content management system
  • Up to 4 pages of dynamic content (automatic "lists" of content)
  • Features: Website search, webpage comments, contact form, Google map
  • A custom-designed theme (100% unique to the client)
  • Google Analytics setup (with weekly performance emails)
  • Secure login for client staff or managers to update the website
  • Website usage training (up to 3 hours)

R 18 500

Example 3: A Standard CMS Website
  • ALL THE FEATURES of the Standard, CMS Website
  • Favourites or 'save for later' lists for all users
  • Powerful search (can be used for products), with filters such as category, price, size, colour, etc.
  • Unlimited products or services, in unlimited categories
  • Customer reviews (including ratings) for products or services

R 32 000

Example 4: A Standard E-commerce Website
  • ALL THE FEATURES of the Large-scale CMS Website
  • Product variations (eg. Shirt sizes and colours) with unique pricing for each
  • Product inventory levels, limits, and rules about buying
  • Shopping cart, Checkout and Payment (with user sign-up)
  • Multiple payment methods (credit card, instant EFT, etc.), depending on Payment Processor (PayPal, PayFast, etc.)
  • Multiple shipping / delivery methods
  • One system of promotions, discounts or tax deductions
  • Management of transactions, orders and customers

R 40 000

Example 5: A Large-scale CMS Website with Extra Performance
  • ALL THE FEATURES of the Large-scale CMS Website
  • Industry and competitor research
  • Website design phase includes creation of 3 - 4 style tiles based on corporate branding
  • Website API for app integration development
  • 12 Months of weekly website software updates
  • 12 Months of direct website support (for training, making adjustments, etc.)
  • Website responsive-ness testing using browser emulation tools
  • Setup of server caching for super-fast page loading

R 55 000

Example: 6 A Large-scale CMS Website for a Global Customer Base
  • User experience testing, done in 2 rounds with 5+ users each round
  • Up to 10 pages of website content written and curated by our copywriters
  • Custom integration with 1 large-scale software platform of your choice (eg. Salesforce CRM)
  • 5 Months of link-building SEO: professional off-site search engine optimisation
  • CDN: Website assets served globally using a content delivery network

R 80 000

So, are you ready to hire us? Contact us!